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Qingdao Prance Steel Co.,Ltd was established in January 2008. Our company has registered capital of 50 million, total assets of 0.5 billion, area of 100 acres and more than 200 employees, and has numbers of professional engineers.

The main products are Prepainted Galvanized/Galvalume Steel Coil(PPGI/PPGL) & Galvanized/Gavalume Steel Coil/Sheet/Strip(GI/GL) & Corrugated Steel Sheet & Color Aluminium Coil & Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile & Stainless Steel Bar & Stainless Steel Coil Sheet.


We can produce all kinds of high-quality sheets within thickness rang from 0.12mm to 4.5mm, which are mainly used in small factories, supermarkets, railway stations, stadiums, airports, commercial buildings, warehouses, light steel and ship building, automotive and house hold appliance industries. And already gain a great population in the worldwide.

We have 4 lines of galvanizing and 3 lines of prepainted which make it possible for the total annual output of 0.5 million tons and annual sales of 1 billion yuan. 

Our production line using two Tu two drying roller coating technology and composite. Substrate for use of the company’s production of flower without zinc galvanized plate and aluminium zinc silicon plate, which has excellent corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, the appearance of decorative, Used in construction, household appliances, and other emerging areas.

We produce with international most advanced U.S. Steel production technology, equipped with a full radiant tube heating type continuous annealing furnace, induction heating zinc pot, light machine, laser thickness measuring instrument such as the most advanced, the highest precision production equipment, can be according to the different uses of producing zinc flower, small zinc flower, normal zinc flower, big zinc flower, no zinc flower, applicable to the construction, automotive, electrical appliances, decoration, color coated sheet and other industries.

Our company has become one of the local leading companies and made outstanding contributions to the development of local economy.

Our business philosophy of “quality first, integrity-based” make it possible for our products were exported to Southeast Asia, South Africa, South America, Middle East, European Union and other 80 countries and regions and our products were recognized by all our customers.




Contact: Ken Zhang

Phone: +86 176 6090 9829

E-mail: prancesteel@gmail.com

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